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2017 Curlyleaf Season About to Begin

The 2017 Minnesota curlyleaf pondweed season is primed to start!  The short winter with little snow cover means a bumper crop is likely to occur.  If you are a lake association wanting to treat areas around the lake, action needs to be taken immediately.  Most likely,... read more

Swimmer’s Itch

As we enter the warmest time of the summer, the threat for swimmer’s itch will arise.  There are many websites that show the swimmer’s itch parasite’s life cycle and it effects, so I won’t cover that part of it.  The simplest story is that it... read more

Sale Time

Aquatic Solutions of MN hasn’t had a sale yet this year.  Maybe it’s time we do that! The lake weeds are growing fast and now is the time to treat those plants before they impede your fishing and swimming plans. We’re dropping our Hydrothol, Navigate... read more

Can I use Sonar in my pond?

Sonar is a wonderful herbicide to use. Safe, effective, easy to use, and broad spectrum, killing most all aquatic plants. So, why would I not want to use it in my pond? Sonar is a systemic herbicide that needs to stay in the water for a length of time, generally 30... read more

When to Treat Curlyleaf Pondweed

If you have a pond or are treating large areas of a lake, and all you have is curlyleaf pondweed (clp), there are a few things to consider before treating. You can treat anytime the clp is growing, but the key is treating before the plant forms turions, or seeds.... read more

Will the Weeds be Bad this Summer?

Though we can’t forecast how every aquatic plant species will react to our short and dry winter, we are quite confident the curlyleaf pondweed will be dense this summer. It has had optimal growing conditions with thin ice and little snow cover, allowing the sun to get... read more

Welcome to the new Aquatic Solutions of Minnesota Website!

Thank you for checking out our newly designed web site for Aquatic Solutions of Minnesota!  This new web site has many new features that will help our customers identify weeds and determine which products will work best for their specific needs.  Besides a modern web... read more