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Selective granular Herbicide is mainly formulated to control Northern and Eurasian Water Milfoil weeds.

  • Treats:  Northern and Eurasian Water Milfoil, water stargrass, bladderwort, white and yellow water lily, water shield, water chestnut and coontail.
  • Coverage: Application rate varies by species and water depth between 100 and 200 lbs per surface acre (or 5 – 10 pounds per 2000 square ft).
  • Application:  Apply in spring/early summer for best results.  Weeds must be present or beginning to grow.  Second treatment may be needed with thick growth of if weeds return.  Apply with hand scoop or spreader.
  • Quantity:  50 lb jug (4800 sq. ft)
  • Call for large quantity discounts

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