Hydrothol Granular


Available in 20 lb bag and 40 lb box (2×20 lb bags)

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 Broad-spectrum granular aquatic algicide and aquatic herbicide for use in lakes and ponds.  Works on most prevalent submerged weeds and and troublesome algae.  Apply when weeds and algae are actively growing. 

    • Treats Weeds:  Milfoil, Hydrilla, Hygrophila, Naiad, Elodea Canadensis, Coontail, Bur Reed, Pondweed, Vallisneria, Zannichellia and Water Stargrass
    • Treats Algae:  Planktonic, Filamentous and Branched Algae
    • Coverage:  40 lb – average 3 ft water depth at 90 ft by 100 ft (9000 square feet) or 2250 square ft per 10 lb
    • Application:  Apply consistently across targeted area.  Apply with a hand scoop or spreader
    • Quantity:  20 lb and 40 lb


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