Please see below for the services we provide:

  • Weed identification
    • Send us a picture of your weed(s) and we will identify the weed(s) for free
    • Please remove the weed(s) from the water, if possible, for the picture.
  • Product recommendations
    • After weed identification we will provide you with the best possible products for your specific need.
    • Please include the approximate dimensions (in feet) of the area you wish to treat and the depth (need to define what that is, halfway out?)
  • Whole lake plans and treatments
  • Lake shore treatments
  • Pond Services

Lake Sarah - East Basin - Early Summer

Lake Sarah - West Basin - Early Summer

Lake John CLP Post Treatment Inspection 6-17-2013

Prior 2015 CLP & EWM Treatment

Lake Sarah 2015 CLP Treatment2