Copper Sulfate (Granular)


Available in 5 lbs, 15 lbs and 50 lbs

Product Label – 50 lbs
Safety Data Sheet – 5 lbs & 15 lbs
Safety Data Sheet – 50 lbs

Best solution for effective control of swimmers itch and algae. It is the most basic copper compound that has been used for years as an algaecide. It is not very effective in hard water and can be toxic to fish in soft water. Multiple applications may be needed throughout the summer.

  • Treats: Swimmers itch and algae
  • Coverage: Use 5 lbs/acre/ft or at 3 ft average water depth – use 15 lbs/acre. See label for additional instructions.
  • Application: Product is toxic to fish due to oxygen depletion. Do not treat more than ½ the lake or pond at one time. Specific application instructions required – please see product label for more information. Use hand scoop or spreader.
  • Quantity: 5 lbs, 10 lbs and 50 lbs (granular)
  • Call for large quantity discounts

** Please call to order the 50 lb bag. There are special shipping requirements and fees for this product.

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