What are the different kinds of algae?

PlanktonicĀ – The type that changes the water color. Usually green (pea soup) or brown or even red. FilamentousĀ – The type that is mat forming. Prior to forming surface mats it may appear as stringy strands beneath the surface often attached to dock legs,...

When should I apply?

Generally you should apply when the weeds are actively growing and the water temperature approaches 60Ā° F.

How do I apply liquid products?

With the exception of Sonar, liquid herbicides must be sprayed, covering the entire treatment area evenly. Sonar can be simply poured into a pond in various locations as it stays in the water for up to 90 days.

When can Sonar be used?

Sonar can be used in small ponds where the water is relatively contained. If there is heavy outflow, Sonar must be added more frequently or may not be good choice.