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Great for beach frontage and spot treatments.

Cygnet ‘Mukk Busster’ is a specially formulated microbial pellet designed to decrease the level of organic sediment in ponds and lakes while reducing odors and improving clarity. Mukk Busster pellets are designed to sink quickly while maintaining their integrity until they reach the ‘mucky’ bottom. Once on the bottom the pellet dissolves evenly and releases bacteria and enzymes (Lipase, Protease, Amylase and Cellulase) which begin digesting leaf litter, dead algae cells, grass clippings, dead plant matter and other components commonly found in organic pond and lake ‘muck’ sediment. Mukk Busster is fish and wildlife friendly and does not contain any pathogenic bacteria. It is available in 10 pound plastic jugs, the start-up application rate is 20 pounds per surface acre and the maintenance application rate is 10 pounds per surface acre every 30 to 60 days thereafter.

  • Pellets sink quickly, targeting the ‘muck’ on the bottom
  • Biodegradable Pellet
  • 3 billion CFU/Gram (Colony Forming Units)
  • Contains sludge-digesting bacteria and enzymes
  • Naturally eliminates odors caused by ‘muck’ near beaches & docks
  • Reduces organic sediment without the use of heavy equipment
  • Enzymes produced – Lipase, Protease, Amylase, and Cellulase
  • Does not contain pathogenic bacteria
  • Fish and wildlife friendly

Calculating Application Area: Multiply Length x Width, then Divide by 43,560 (square ft per surface acre) = Surface Acre

Calculating Initial Dosage:  Multiply Surface Acre x 20 lbs = Initial Dosage 

Calculating Maintenance Dosage: Multiply Surface Acre x 10 lbs = Monthly Maintenance Dosage

Apply above dosage until desired results are obtained.

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