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A non-selective, fast acting and highly active contact material, DIQUAT spreads quickly through the water and makes fast contact with aquatic weeds. Water-soluble, it is absorbed by target plants in just minutes, providing broad-spectrum control of floating, submersed and marginal weeds. With such outstanding control, there is never any worry about groundwater contamination or toxicity to fish, other organisms or wildlife. For no-wait control without the worry, DIQUAT is the herbicide for your aquatic weed management program.

  • Treats: Northern and Eurasion Water Milfoil, Elodea, Coontail, Duckweed, Hydrilla, Pondweeds
  • Coverage: .5 gal – 2 gal per acre, depending upon depth. Follow label for dosage requirements
  • Application: Liquid sprayer. Apply when weeds are actively growing.
  • Quantity: 1 gallon
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